Driving To Deliver Your Business

The road transport thread……..

Other road users expectations have changed too. Thirty years ago, when I first started driving, 40mph seemed a brisk pace in the cars of the day on these roads, and you were more aware of what was going on outside because it was closer to you, and there were less distractions inside the car.
Now, every one seems to expect to be able to do the 60mph speed limit, plus the 10% extra plus a few more they’ve assumed they can get away with, on deteriorating roads. And they show no patience to anyone who holds them up.
I hate taking anything on the road now, the old “assume everyone else is an idiot” isn’t just a joke anymore, it’s reality.

Agriculture might have changed the way it moves around, but so has everyone else.
There’s a lot of stuff farms shift that you look at and think, ‘that should be on a lorry’, but there are already far too many lorries moving stuff around. And if you think tractors are damaging roads and cutting up verges, they don’t come close to the damage lorries are doing. Something will have to change, but rather than alter how we move stuff, I think we should look at how much we move stuff, and reduce it.

I wonder how many lorry miles are clocked up now compared with the past.

It has to have multiplied many times over, not just small percentage increases.

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