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Tour Care Cargo & Shipping L.L.C

Companies the provide cargo handling services at seaports, which includes handling and loading, unloading, delivery and reception of containers and other items. Companies that provide transportation services of passengers and cargo through air, water, ground, and rail; companies that provide postal and messenger services; and companies that provide support services to the industry. Companies that provide transportation services (including air, ground, and maritime transportation in addition to logistics services) and design, manufacture, assemble, and distribute transportation products (including aircrafts, automobiles, boats, and rail products).

Companies that provide water transportation services of passengers and cargo using ships, barges, boats, and other water craft through inland water and deep seas.

The industry includes companies that operate seaports, maritime travel and shipping, related support services.

Companies that support seaport operations by offering services that include the design and construction of offshore projects and pipelines, operation and maintenance services, engineering services, refrigerated and other storage facilities, ship loading and unloading, cargo handling, operation of lifting machinery, terminal and equipment maintenance, navigational services, sailing clubs, and other service providers.

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