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Transport the only bump in the road for long term plan


Nelson city councillor Matt Lawrey objected to the inclusion of the Southern Link in the long term plan. The Southern Link was the only divisive note in the debate over the Nelson City Council’s long term plan. At a meeting last week councillors voted to put the planning document out for public consultation, and will hear public submissions in May.

Councillor Matt Lawrey was the sole opposing voice. He said he could not support a plan that “reflected an alternate reality”.

Transport the only bump in the road for long term plan

The Southern Link route has long been a divisive issue in Nelson. “I think it doesn’t reflects reality, and the reality is that the government changed last year,” he said.

Lawrey was reluctant to oppose the plan, but said the transport section, which includes plans for the Southern Link road, was “misleading”. He referred to a letter to constituents written by Nelson MP Nick Smith which said the Southern Link would not be progressing. “There are lots of things here I do support …

But in my opinion the transport section is so wrong and so misleading, supporting it would be akin to telling the emperor that you like her new clothes,” Lawrey said. Councillor Mike Rutledge, who supported the plan, said the recent storms showed that “an alternate reality would be trying to build out on Rocks Road”. He said he had “high levels of confidence” that the plan was consistent with “NZTA documents and the direction of the new government”.

Councillor Luke Acland said if the plan was completely unchanged by the time it came to debate, then it would be “simply unrealistic and unattainable”, however he said the plan was a “living document” which could change with further information.

“I’m happy for this to go to debate, because we may well have the new government’s policy statement by the time of deliberations, in which case we can change those assumptions at the time of debate,” he said.

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