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Uber join hands with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to encourage road safety awareness

To encourage road safety awareness ride-sharing firm Uber today joined hands with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and under this initiative, both will be jointly promoting road safety messaging on its app and social media through ministry co-branded materials and mediums.

Uber join hands with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Several advertisements and videos targeting prevention of drunk driving and promotion of rear seat belts and hands on the wheel among other themes will be prepared and disseminated across the country as part of this safety campaign. Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport & Highways pointed out, “Ensuring road safety is the key priority for the government as India witnesses around 5 lakh accidents and 1.5 lakh deaths every year.” He said, “We are committed to reducing fatal road accidents by 50 percent by 2020, being a signatory to the UN Decade of action for road safety.

This effort to make our roads safer has to be a collaborative multi-pronged initiative that needs joint action from policymakers, civic authorities, automobile industry, civil society and commuters in general.

Sensitizing the public about their roles in ensuring road safety is as vital as a placement of curbs, underpasses and safety features for pedestrians.”

Another key initiative towards impacting road safety awareness and education among drivers, both on and off the Uber app, is the decision to jointly develop learning aids and informational tools that shall guide the driver training programme in driving schools across the country.

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“By jointly promoting road safety messaging among lakhs of riders and by guiding driver partners on road safety measures through learning aids, we are focused on empowering people to make better, safer choices and playing an enabling role in making our roads safer,” said Pradeep Parameswaran, Head, Operations, Uber India & South Asia

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