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As Promised Refrigerated Cargo Facility Goes Ahead in Major UK Ferry and Freight Port

Long Term Plans Coming to Fruition in 2019 UK – The Port of Dover’s[1] flagship Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR[2]) development has awarded the Buckingham Group[3] a contract to build the new proposed Refrigerated Cargo Terminal (RCT). With a value of GBP15 million the contract will deliver the construction of a 9,630 square metre multi-purpose refrigerated cargo facility designed to meet the future demands of the business. This development is a direct result of the plans, initially laid down in 2012 and which we reported[4] in 2014 after things first got under way.

The new RCT will be an externally clad steel frame building with state-of-the-art facilities including eight chambers, each individually temperature controlled and capable of holding cargo between +1 and +14 degrees Celsius (+/-1?C), with 20 dock levellers to produce a rapid turnaround for Port of Dover Cargo customers.

Dave Herrod, DWDR Programme Director at the Port of Dover, commented: “The appointment of the Buckingham Group represents a significant milestone for the Port. Projected increases in cargo volumes present a golden opportunity to further develop the cargo business and this is key to why the Port is delivering the Dover Western Docks Revival now.”

Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2019, the terminal will be served by completely new marine and land infrastructure including two cargo berths (Berth A: 251 metres and Berth C: 300 metres, plus a ‘dolphin[5]) and Gottwald 5 series mobile cranes. During construction of the RCT building over 70 jobs will be created. Andy Morris, Senior Project Manager at Buckingham Group Contracting, said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this exciting, high-profile contract. We are looking forward to working with the Port of Dover and other contractors to deliver one of the most important cargo projects in North West Europe and support the creation of new jobs for local people.” DWDR is the single biggest investment ever undertaken by the Port of Dover and represents the next exciting evolution of the Port, delivering long-term capacity for a key international gateway handling trade to the value of GBP122 billion and representing up to 17% of UK trade in goods.

Sam Stewart, General Manager at Port of Dover Cargo, said:

“The new multi-purpose cargo terminal and ongoing transformation of the Western Docks will equip the Port of Dover to meet future demand for cargo services and to strengthen its position as the ultimate strategic location with fast, dedicated and direct access to the wider UK and Europe.”

Photo: An artist’s impression of the new facility.

As Promised Refrigerated Cargo Facility Goes Ahead in Major UK Ferry and Freight PortAs Promised Refrigerated Cargo Facility Goes Ahead in Major UK Ferry and Freight Port


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