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Emirates SkyCargo Receives Cargo iQ Certification

Dubai based Emirates SkyCargo[1] was recently awarded Cargo iQ[2] Certification. The award was presented at the World Cargo Symposium in Dallas, Texas, USA. Emirates SkyCargo was audited on behalf of Cargo iQ by the external audit company SGS.

The audit covers all internal processes and the measures that Emirates SkyCargo take to eliminate or minimize errors in shipping, including the amount of visibility for their customers regarding their shipment status. Emirates SkyCargo joined Cargo iQ in 2016 to further enhance their service standard with a focus on their commitment ‘Delivered as Promised’. Cargo iQ Executive Director, Ariaen Zimmerman, said, “With every Cargo iQ member that becomes accredited, we are another step towards a supply chain that is transparent and in control of its shipments,”

“The way Emirates SkyCargo has integrated the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan with their internal procedures is a clear example of how implementing our standards offers so much more than a mere monthly report, and can actually lead to better process and shipment control.” Emirates SkyCargo has made a major investment in the creation of a dedicated Cargo Operations Control Center (COCC) which can give a live real-time overview of shipment status. The center uses Cargo iQ metrics and live shipment data to track the journey of the shipment and compares it against their own route map and the original delivery commitment when the booking was made.

If there are any deviations along the journey an alert will be automatically generated allowing the center to proactively intervene and action the necessary corrective measures. The center operates 24 hours a day seven days a week and monitors all Emirates SkyCargo’s shipments across 155 destinations. Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President for Cargo, Nabil Sultan said, “Over the last two years we have worked on integrating the vision of Cargo iQ into our processes and our ‘Delivered as Promised’ commitment to our customers.”

“Getting the Cargo iQ certification and the setting up of our 24/7 Cargo Operations Control Centre are the first steps in a journey where we can be more transparent and at the same time more proactively support our customer promises.”

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