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Stretches other than SG Road record more fatalities

AHMEDABAD: The city police was quite prompt in setting up two traffic police[1] stations and even dished out a traffic management plan for SG Road[2] citing a high number of accidents and fatalities[3]. Among the priorities were the traffic congestion in this pricey central business district and near Gujarat[4] high court. But this is just one side of the story.

The highest number of road fatalities do not take place on SG Road, but twice its numbers occur in Ramol and thrice in Isanpur areas – yet these areas do not have a comprehensive traffic safety and management plan.
A seven-month accident data collected by JP Research India team spanning January to July, 2017 and submitted to state road transport authorities clearly show how in several areas like Ranip, Isanpur, Naranpura, and Vejalpur, police stations are registering high numbers of road accidents.
Sola police station, which registers cases on SG Road registered 100 accidents and 12 fatalities, Ramol police station registered 97 accidents and 26 fatalities, while Isanpur police station registered 97 accidents and 37 fatalities.
In fact, upcoming Ranip area registered 92 accidents in which 19 people were killed, more than SG Road. Other congested spots in the city like Naranpura, Vejalpur and Satellite areas witness more accidents.
The report also mentions how there were more accidents on city roads – 649 of the 850 accidents recorded, and 98 accidents recorded on national highways passing through the city. The number of fatalities on city roads were recorded to be 105, while in case of national highways passing through the city it was 27 deaths.
A periodic classification of accidents in the seven-month analysis clearly depicts how the maximum number of accidents took place in the month of January with 147 accidents of which 27 were fatal.

The next highest accidents were April, which registered 140 accidents in which almost an equal number, 26 people, were killed.


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