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Busan Port endeavors to attract T/S cargo from 3 major shipping alliances

Busan Port Authority carried our marketing activities to attract T/S cargo from three global major shipping alliances through visiting their Asian Pacific regional headquarters, the company said in its press release.

The three global alliances, 2M(Maersk, MSC), OCEAN (CMA.CGM, COSCO, Evergreen, OOCL), THE(Hapag-Loyd, Yang-Ming, ONE), calling at Busan Port account for 80percent of global cargo volume.

Busan Port handled 71 percent(7.28 million TEU) of their T/S cargo and it played a significant role in achieving 20 million TEU.

BPA will inform its plans including revised incentive schemes, Busan New Port dredging construction completion, removing To-do islet, and ITT to alliances.

It will also try to resolve their difficulties and meet demands.

BPA International Logistics Business director KANG Bu-won said “Through this marketing activities, we will improve Busan Port operation and boost our service to achieve the goal to process 11.093 million TEU T/S cargo this year.”

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