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Hyderabad: No Hight Security Registration Plates? Road Transport Authority to decline other transactions

Express News Service HYDERABAD: The Road Transport Authority (RTA) has decided to stop accepting all other transactions from the vehicle owners unless they come to the office to get their Hight Security Registration Plates (HSRP).The vehicle owners paying for HSRP while registering their vehicles with Road Transport Authority (RTA) often do not visit the RTA premises again to get their number plates installed. Usually, they get the number plates fixed at private shops.

The HSRP number plates were made mandatory to cut down on registration tampering. However, RTA estimates say that only 50 per cent of the vehicles, including both old and new, do not have HSRP. “The problem is that once the vehicle registration and inspection are done, the vehicle owner does not come back to RTA to get the HSRP number plates,” said Mamata Prasad, Joint Transport commissioner (JTC), administration and planning.

A man manufacturing regular number plates at King
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To address the problem, the department has decided to stop all RTA transactions for the vehicle owner. “Unless they show up and fix the HSRP, all their transactions with RTA will be declined. This is a cost-effective solution to the problem for RTA.

At some point the vehicle owner will have to visit the RTA, we will catch them then,” added Mamata.

The Union government had made HSRP mandatory 10 years ago but not all states had implemented that order. “Come January 1, 2019, HSRP will be made mandatory for vehicle manufacturers and their dealers who will have to place a mark of registration on number plates and affix them on the vehicles,” said the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in a draft notification intended to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, with reference to Section 10 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

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