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Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


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Over the past few years, we’ve seen Elon Musk’s vision of a future where people and cargo travel at airline speeds through special depressurized tubes slowly make the journey from theoretical dream toward commercial reality.

And while there are no commercial Hyperloops in the world yet, Virgin Hyperloop One — one of the leading companies when it comes to Hyperloop Technology — is getting itself ready to work on several different projects simultaneously, promising to revolutionize the transportation world. Earlier this week, it added a new partner to its list — DP World — which wants to use the Hyperloop to revolutionize the way freight is sent around the world. But if Hyperloop hasn’t yet exited its engineering prototyping phase, why is a company like DP World so eager to work on the tech?

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Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?


Hyperloop + Cargo = Freight Revolution?



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