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JPM launches road project in Morogoro

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli on Friday May 04 launched a project to construct a 6.9-kilometre road from Mikumi-Kidatu-Ifakara during a colourful ceremony, which took place at Kidatu. The implementation of the project will cost Sh104.9 billion.

The project is funded by the Tanzanian government, European Union and USAID. Speaking during the televiced ceremony, President Magufuli said he was optimistic that the project would be completed on time. He also added that the road will improve economic activities in the area, something which will help improve the people’s wellbeing.

Dr Magufuli also added that the road will increase the number of tourists intending to visit the Mikumi National Park and Udizungwa Mountains. He reiterated that the country’s economy was among fastest growing economies on the continent, saying it has been growing at the rate of seven per cent. “We are on right track. Our economy is growing at a very good rate,” he said.

To address land disputes between farmers and pastoralists in the region, Dr Magufuli instructed local government authorities in the region to supervise land allocation to the public in order to ensure that majority of the people benefit from the resource. “I order the local government leaders to effectively supervise and ensure that the land benefit the intended people,” he said. Earlier at same occasion, the minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Prof Makame Mbarawa expressed his optimism that the completion of the infrastructure would also facilitate transportation of raw-materials, manufactured goods and people.

“The aim of constructing this road is to enable small-scale farmers and passengers to access to reliable means of transport throughout the season.

Meanwhile, Dr Magufuli assured Kilombero residents that villages in the district will be connected to the National Grid during the 2020/21 financial year.

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