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Open Letter To New Transport Minister

Change how road tax is charged Transport Minister Anthony Loke disclosed the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will roll out an electronic bidding system from January next year for the public to buy their favourite vehicle plate numbers.

He also announced that the practice of allowing selected NGOs to sell special vehicle numbers would be stopped immediately, saying such revenue should go to the government. The electronic bidding system would be a great convenience for the public and boost government coffer. Another source of additional revenue would be road tax.

Recently, JPJ Deputy Director General (Planning/Operations) Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman disclosed that only 19 million out of some 28 million registered vehicles have valid road tax. If JPJ could succeed in getting only one third of the nine million vehicles without road tax to be renewed, a substantial amount of revenue could be collected. Another way is to change road tax charges based on engine capacity to vehicle weight.

In the old days, only small engines are fitted to small cars.

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But many bigger cars are now fitted with smaller engines installed with superchargers or turbocharges, making them even more powerful than standard models fitted with normally aspirated engines. It would be more accurate to base on horsepower than engine size, as we now have hybrid and fully electric vehicles on the road. But better still, charges could be based on vehicle weight, as heavier vehicles occupy more space and exert more pressure on the road.

And that should be the basis for road tax. Those who choose to drive heavier pickups, SUVs and MPS should be prepared to pay more. Concession could be accorded to public service vehicles such as buses and ambulances.

CY Ming Ampang Regards,

YS Chan

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