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Pictures of Telangana Road Transport Authority papers with bribe breaks the internet

By Express News Service HYDERABAD: Pictures of documents related to Road Transport Authority (RTA) with bundles of cash attached allegedly as bribes to officials at Patancheru RTA office are going viral on social media. Senior RTA officials, after conducting a preliminary investigation into the allegation, concluded that those pictures were not taken inside RTA Patancheru office premises.

The officials said the pictures were the handiwork of squabbling touts. On Wednesday noon, BT Srinivas, tweeted: “Someone posted these pictures of Patancheru RTO Office on my Facebook timeline. Driving license, new vehicle registration, renewal applications are nicely arranged with required kickback for approval.

Great collective effort by brokers”. The two pictures that have been doing the rounds on social media showed RTA documents with wads of notes clipped to the documents. RTA officials launched a preliminary investigation into the allegation a few hours after the tweet but found the pictures were not taken inside the Patancheru RTA office premises.

A senior official with the RTA said, “I am told that these documents shown in pictures were not submitted in the Patencheru office.

The photo of the background is also not Patancheru office.

This came up because of a fight between agents.”

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