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Polish motorway is covered in chocolate as tanker truck overturns

A truck full of liquid chocolate has overturned on a motorway in Poland, spilling 12 tonnes of the sweet stuff all over the road. Traffic was blocked in both directions of the A2 motorway between the towns of Wrzesnia and Slupca in Western Poland, according to the Associated Press. The road also connects the major cities of Poznan and Warsaw.

No one was gravely injured as a result of the accident, but the driver of the lorry was taken to hospital with a broken arm.

It is not clear as yet what caused the tanker truck to overturn and fall onto its side across the median, or where it was ultimately headed. By the time cleanup crews had arrived the liquid had begun to solidify, making the operation more difficult, local police said.

Bogdan Kowalski of Slupca’s fire brigade said that “the cooling chocolate is worse than snow”. He also noted that in the initial moments after the accident there were some who drove their vehicles through the sticky liquid, spreading it for several kilometres along the road.

#A2 zablokowana miedzy Wrzesnia, a Slupca.

Przejazd blokuje… czekolada. foto: Slawomir Brandt. pic.twitter.com/fEH1MXUgf3[1][2]

— MotoSygnaly (@MotoRadioPoznan) May 9, 2018[3]

Marlena Kukawka, a media officer for the police in the small town of Slupca, told the New York Times it would take “hours” to clean the mess and fire brigades were using streams of hot water to remelt the chocolate in order to wash it away.

#A2 Poznan-Warszawa. Tak wyglada dojazd do Wrzesni. Uciekajcie z #a2 wczesniej! pic.twitter.com/8eWOhzVVPl[4][5][6]

— MotoSygnaly (@MotoRadioPoznan) May 9, 2018[7]

Na #A2 Poznan-Warszawa przewrocila sie cysterna z czekolada.

Trwa sprzatanie jezdni ???? #czekolada pic.twitter.com/EnSNT8ri1q[8][9][10]

— MotoSygnaly (@MotoRadioPoznan) May 9, 2018[11]

As the Washington Post reported about the local news station TVN24: “One of its reporters at the scene was walking along the edge of the shoulder to avoid the chocolate only to slip and fall into a ditch, where there was, indeed, more chocolate”.

On a positive note, Ms Kukawka said “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many smiles on the faces of emergency rescue folks and police officers at the scene of an accident”.


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