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Somaliland:Road Accidents Deaths on the Rise, Transport Minister informs Parliamentary committee

By Goth Mohamed Goth Hon. Abdullahi Abkor, Somaliland minister of Transport and Roads Development today appeared before the House of Representatives Standing committee for Transport and Roads.

The minister of Transport and Roads Development started by briefing members of standing committee for transport and roads on the workings of the newly formed ministry, which is the first since Somaliland reclaimed its independence and what they achieved and the challenges and the ongoing Somaliland and Somalia talks on airspace control. Hon. Abdullahi Abkor, added, “Immediately after I assumed my current portfolio, we kick started construction work for Burao-Erigavo road which had stalled for seven months due my understand that were caused by road construction costs increased with inflation, and lack sustainable funding source at the time.

“I would like to inform you construction work for Burao-Erigavo road we have suspended operations for one mainly due to the recent skirmishes in Ceel Afweine and hard conditions faced by the construction workers who are observing fast, we decide cease work for one month but will resume immediately after the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, which is the single major development project in the country currently,” he stated. The Minister added, “Though, the honorable members of haven’t bothered to ask me any questions regarding important road safety, I am obliged to inform 197 deaths, 2,300 and above persons were maimed or injured as a result of road accidents in our roads and not to mention the financial loss which amount to more than £3 Million dollars during the year 2017 alone, thus our resolve to introduce new legislations to curb this road carnage. On the issue of Somaliland airspace control, The Minister Transport said “Due to my tight schedule, the issue is being currently handled on my behalf by the Minister of foreign affairs and Captain Abdi Mohamed Rodol, the newly appointed Director of the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority and I would like to inform you the two sides meet under the auspices of the UN and ICAO in Nairobi, Kenya.He strongly denied reports which purported that Somalia had taken control of Somaliland airspace.

Hon Ahmed Yasin Sh. Ali Ayanle, MP and also the Chairman of HoR Standing committee for Transport and Roads speaking during the seasons what plans do the ministry have in place upgrade roads since the state of our roads is so bad and getting worse day by day and there is a crying need for work to be done on all our roads around the country, all require urgent attention. “a tidal wave” of critical road work that “can’t be delayed forever.” According to him, progress on some of the roads under construction before the President Musa Bihi Abdi led government took over power have gone back to square one due to funds and as surface works done have been washed away by recent rains

“We are determined to bring our road network to a befitting status, and this year we shall witness much more activity on the roads including the construction of the vital Berbera corridor road which is expected to commence in 2019,”


Abdullahi Abkor lastly said, “The current government President Musa Bihi Abdi was at work and that the policies being introduced will bear fruits for the betterment of the Somaliland people in the not so far future.

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