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Uganda: Transport Paralysed As Floods Cut-Off Kaliro-Buyende Road

By Yazid Yolisigira

Transport along Kaliro-Buyende road has been paralysed after the road that joins the two districts became flooded at Lumbuye Swamp located in Bujeje Village, Kaliro District.

The affected stretch, about a quarter of a kilometre long, has made it difficult for both pedestrians and motorists to cross to the other end.

According to locals, the floods that started two weeks ago following heavy rains have washed away some culverts.

When Daily Monitor visited the area on Monday (today), some vehicles had got stuck, with passengers being helped to cross over by able-bodied men who carried them on their shoulders at a fee ranging from Shs1,000 to Shs2,000.

Mr James Isabirye, a resident of Bujeje Village, said the floods have paralyzed several activities in the area as farmers and traders are finding it hard to go about their businesses.

He said: “Some farmers who have gardens across the flooded area fear to go and do their work while some traders have halted businesses.”

Mr Joseph Galimaka, a resident of Kaliro Town, said the bad state of the road has affected the transportation of produce, cattle and milk from Buyende District to Kaliro and its neighbouring districts.

The residents say since the floods started, their efforts to draw the district authorities’ attention have hit a snag.

“We are suffering and our leaders have failed to help us.

The problem has escalated and I don’t know whether they are waiting for us to die,” Ms Ruth Kagoya, a resident of Bujeje Village said, appealing to the government to intervene before people drown.

The Kaliro District Speaker, Mr Sanoni Bwire, said the road belongs to Uganda National Roads Authority who are aware of the problem.

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