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Fancy freight: Turkish Cargo transports 'world's fastest car' from Dubai to Toronto

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Turkish Cargo, a brand of Turkey’s national flag-carrier Turkish Airlines, has transported “world’s fastest car” from the Gulf emirate of Dubai to Toronto, Canada. Turkish Cargo completed a successful private cargo operation by carrying the £2.2 million Devel Sixteen luxury car with its expert team using special cargo transportation rules. The vehicle, produced by Dubai-based Devel, has a 123-liter, 16-cylinder engine which can reach dizzying speeds of 563 kilometers per hour.

Currently offers air freight services to 121 countries and as the fastest growing air cargo brand with its outstanding performance in the global air cargo sector, Turkish Cargo continues its sustainable growth towards its goals for 2023, developing customized and practical solutions for logistical needs.

To view the flight schedules and details please visit www.turkishcargo.com.tr[2], or contact with the call center at +90 850 333 0 777.


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