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Jafar Jabbarli dry cargo vessel of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company is back to operation after major overhaul

“Jafar Jabbarli” dry cargo vessel owned by Marine Transport Fleet of CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company has been overhauled by “Zigh” ship repair yard. ACSC says a lot has been done during the overhaul which took almost a year. All corroded metal layers available in the hull, deck, cargo storage facility and other parts of the vessel with a safe load capacity of 3850 tons were replaced, and 350 tons of metal were used for this purpose.

State cabins were overhauled in line with modern standards and supplied with new equipment and furniture. Main and auxiliary engines of the vessel, main and auxiliary wheels, ballast, air, water, fire extinguisher, oil and fuel systems have been overhauled. In addition, all machine and equipment of the vessel were inspected, the warehouse was modernized and the second layer of the hull was installed.

Besides, following the inspection of all electrical equipment, including, electrical engines, generators, radio-navigation devices, necessary repair works were undertaken and majority of piping systems were replaced by the new ones.

Following the repair, the ship has successfully passed the test and returned back to operation.

It is worth to note that the length of “Jafar Jabbarli” dry cargo vessel is 123.50 meters, width 15 meters and maximal speed 11.7 knots.

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