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Parliament this week: online data protection, road transport, Sakharov Prize

Improving the digital single market On Monday 4 June the internal market committee votes on a draft report on the free flow of non-personal data[1].

The proposal aims to removing territorial restrictions on data storage in the in EU market, thus making it easier, for example, for businesses to switch cloud service providers. Online privacy

Online privacy continues to be high on the Parliament’s agenda. On Monday 4 June the civil liberties committee, together with the constitutional affairs, legal affairs and industry committees, organises a hearing[2] to discuss the protection of personal data and how to fight the misuse of personal data online, with experts including journalists and whistle-blowers who uncovered the Cambridge Analytica scandal. On 22 May political group leaders and Parliament President Antonio Tajani met Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg[3] to talk about the use of personal data online.

A list of written answers[4] were provided after the meeting. Road transport

Better work conditions for drivers, including clarifications on minimum wage and rest, are some of the rules up for a vote by the transport committee on Monday 4 June[5]. The new rules would also reinforce the fight against fraudulent practices such as the use of letterbox companies. 30 years of engagement for human rights defenders

Thirty years[6] have passed since the first Sakharov Prize[7] for Freedom of Thought was awarded to Nelson Mandela in 1988. A two-day conference[8] organised by the foreign affairs, development and human rights committees marks the event in the presence of former laureates[9] and human rights activists from all over the world.

The event starts on Monday 4 June at 15.30 CET with a speech by Parliament Vice-President Heidi Hautala and Patricia Gutierrez, representing the Democratic opposition in Venezuela, which was awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2017. The conference can be followed live here.[10] Pesticides hearing

The pesticides committee will question experts from the European Food and Safety Agency and the European Chemicals Agency on assessment reports and the classification of substances in a public hearing[11] on Thursday 7 June. European Development Days

IBecause of an international conference, on Parliament President Antonio Tajani will meet several African leaders on 5 June: Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, Niger’s Mahamadou Issoufou and Liberia’s George Weah.

He will also meet Milo Djukanovic, the president of Montenegro.


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