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Telangana: Artificial Intelligence to be used in Road Transport Authority website soon

Express News Service HYDERABAD:To provide better citizen services, the state’s IT department has decided to use Artificial intelligence (AI) on Road Transport Authority (RTA) website soon. The government is also aiming to use another two emerging technologies — blockchain and 3D printing — for other departments.
“Of the around eight emerging technologies in IT, we are trying to use artificial intelligence (AI) and two others for the first time.

We have studied the usage of AI in government sectors in Singapore and Dubai,” an official in IT department told Express on Tuesday.
The AI will be used in the chat box of RTA. “Generally, doubts and questions are answered on government portals with stock replies. On a pilot basis, we are using AI to answer multiple questions. If there is any difficult question, the same will be forwarded by the official concerned,” the sources explained.
“The government has decided to encourage the start-ups which develop innovative technologies.

We have tied up with a start-up for using AI for RTA,” the sources said.
The IT department has also tied up with Chitmonks, a start-up, and using its technology based on Blockchain for the Inspector General Of Registration And Stamps (IGRS) department. The IGRS department will monitor chit fund companies using this technology, the source said.

3D printing: The officials said that they would use 3D printing technology for the benefit of traditional handicraft artisans.
“Now, a toy maker will take ten to 12 hours to make a toy. With 3D printing, the artisan can produce a large number of toys within the same time.

Tamil Nadu is using 3D printing for Poompuhar, which is famous for various types of handicrafts,” the sources said.


Artificial Intelligence for RTA website
Blockchain technology for Inspector General Of Registration And Stamps
3D printing technology for traditional handicrafts.

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