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This kid politely thanking a massive truck is going super viral

2017%2f09%2f12%2fd7%2fsambwBy Sam Haysom[1]2018-06-06 12:54:28 UTC

When a dashcam or helmet cam video goes viral, it’s usually road-rage related. Ronnie Pickering[2] is the main one that springs to mind. The thing is, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Just last week, in fact, we had the super cool bus driver[3] who went viral after helping out a biker — and now we have yet another friendly social media star.

A couple of days ago, a clip of four-year-old Rhoda Jones from Northamptonshire, UK, thanking a lorry driver after he gave her plenty of room while overtaking went viral on Twitter.

So often we see or share videos of awful driving around cyclists, so this textbook pass from an exceptionally patient & careful HGV driver for D&W Agri coming into Jedburgh deserves sharing, as does Rhoda’s response! They’re not on Twitter but we’ve thanked the haulier directly. pic.twitter.com/t46zQvfFoU[4] — Family ByCycle (@FamilyByCycle) June 3, 2018[5]


Sometimes the roads of the UK can be a lovely place. “I told her, ‘that lorry driver has been really kind, make sure you say thank you'”, Tom Jones, the girl’s father, told the BBC[6]. “Rhoda has a thing about people passing, and she can equally give a Paddington Bear-type angry stare which would be enough to take some drivers off the road.”

As a special bonus, here’s an equally adorable video of Rhoda thanking the internet for making her go viral…
[embedded content]


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