Bode to operate Scania electric test trucks

The trucks are equipped with pantographic power collectors, developed by Siemens, mounted on the frame behind the cab for charging while in motion. The trucks are operated by haulage companies in real transport operations, not empty runs. While the truck is connected to the overhead catenary, its electric motor, equivalent to a 450 hp diesel engine, is powered off the grid and at the same time the batteries are recharged, to provide electric autonomy on conventional roads, with the diesel engine being the third source of power that would be used for the “last mile” if and when the batteries are run down.

Separately, Bode is part of a multimodal transport chain linking Germany and Sweden over the ports of Lubeck (Travemunde) and Trelleborg. The new connection is a partnership of Bode for the trucking element, DB Cargo Scandanvia for rail haul between Trelleborg and Hallsberg (for Stockholm, Gothenburg), Kombiverkehr for rail haul between the DUSS terminal in Duisburg and Travemunde, and TT Linie for the ferry connection. The new service, which caters for trailers, swap bodies and shipping containers, is due to commence on 17th February.

Door-to-door transit time is touted as 36 hours.

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