Police, transport dept bet big on alternative routes

Kolkata: The alternative roads that will bear the traffic load following the closure of Tallah Bridge from Saturday are ready. Both police and transport department officers are confident that the arrangements would bear fruits in the days to come. “Monday will be a test and we expect to clear it successfully,” said an officer.
One of the reasons why there won’t be a repeat of the Majerhat aftermath is availability of options, said police.
“Unlike Majerhat, so many parallel bridges in close proximity over the rail yard have made out task easy. Diversion of traffic is much easier compared to what happened in Majerhat.

The entire pressure of diversion was put on New Alipore Road. In case of Tallah, the traffic load is evenly distributed,” reasoned a traffic police personnel who was on duty at New Alipore after the collapse of Majerhat bridge.
TOI on Friday took a closer look at the roads which will bear the traffic burden following the closure of Tallah Bridge. The surface of roads has been made smoother.

Roads have also been made free from parking. Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has notified not to dump building material like bricks, sand and stone chips on any of these roads. More than two hundred boards with signage and bus route diversion information were put up all across the roads.
However, roads that will bear the traffic load are not uniformly wide.

Two routes — Cossipore Bridge and Cossipore Lockgate flyover — will take the load of north-bound traffic (towards Sinthee) from Bagbazar and run parallel. Vehicles can reach BT Road fast by taking Lockgate flyover. However, Cossipore Road, which runs parallel to BT Road, will now bear the brunt because of plying of various vehicles — buses, trucks and four-wheelers.
Cossipore Road is the only two-lane and south-north corridor that is not in a very good condition.

This is why the traffic snarls prevail here and heavy goods vehicles often complicate the situation. The condition of Cossipore Bridge across the Chitpore rail yard is also not good.
Dum Dum Road from Chiria More has been made wider after removal of parking on either side of the road. However, buses take a little more time to negotiate the sharp bends on Northern Avenue.

However, the only saving grace is the very good surface condition of this stretch, said plice.
Cops found that Belgachhia Road needed attention in terms of clearing hindrances.
“The road is wide, yet chaotic. Autos don’t follow discipline and thus add to chaos. Slow-moving vehicles often come straight on the road, making traffic management a difficult task, particularly during peak hours,” said a traffic sergeant.
Indra Biswas Road that runs across Tallah Park connecting Tallah Park Avenue and BT Road, is the least-used road.
“It is wide with a good surface and helps Tallah and Paikpara residents to access Belgacchia Metro station in the shortest possible time.

We might need to start an auto service from BT Road to Belgachhia Metro station along this route,” said police.

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