Food truck owners hope to help community access food despite isolation

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It's the quick, easy way to grab a bite that now may become one of the safest.

a person standing next to a window: Tucson food trucks are helping households in the area access food during the COVID-19 outbreak. (C) Provided by Tucson (Sierra Vista) KOLD Tucson food trucks are helping households in the area access food during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"It's not a long interaction. You tell us your order, we give you the food, payment's set up, so we don't touch you, you don't touch us," said Brandon Moore, owner of Haus of Brats. His food truck can typically be seen outside of bars, businesses, and anywhere that's busy.

Places that will be empty now that Tucson Mayor Regina Romero suspended their operations Tuesday. "We didn't think it was going to impact us as much as it did," Moore said. But the good thing about working on wheels, he's able to bring the food to customers who can't come to them.

Thanks to the help of David Aguire of Food Truck Roundup, that may be possible soon. "I thought, maybe we could get closer to homes, maybe a neighborhood park or something like that and provide food truck service," Aguire said. Aguire works with 20 food trucks across Tucson.

He wanted to find a way to get food to families without having to compromise their health. "You can pick up some food on the way home, very quick stop, head back home, can work right in with an emerging new paradigm that's happening," Aguire said. While it could bring Moore a nice little boost in business, it's not exactly good news given the circumstances.

"I don't like to see any of our local businesses be hurt by this, I think of us as a family all the local businesses in town," Moore said. But he's got other families in mind as well, making sure he can do everything to keep on serving. "We'll still be out there.

If people we'll have us, we'll be there to serve." Food Truck Roundup is looking at bringing trucks to public parks and neighborhoods within the next few weeks. Copyright 2020 KOLD News 13.

All rights reserved.

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