Freight trains maintain operation to support production resumption

The freight trains between Hunan and Europe, loaded with domestic goods, journey to countries along the Belt and Road, bringing their goods back to Hunan. This makes trade and cultural exchanges more convenient. [Photo/]

CHANGSHA -- China-Europe freight trains are maintaining regular operation to provide strong support for production resumption of trade enterprises amid the novel coronavirus epidemic. A cargo train loaded with tons of goods, including auto parts, machinery equipment and textile products, departed from Central China's Hunan province for Belarus on Monday.

Affected by the outbreak, the international air routes of Changsha, capital of Hunan, were largely grounded. Many land and water routes have canceled or reduced cargo transportation services. "We still maintain the daily operation of freight trains from Changsha to Europe," said Ye Hongbin, general manager of the Hunan Central South China International Land Port Co Ltd.

"The stable logistics cost and transportation time of the China-Europe freight train make it the preferred logistics method for many trade enterprises," Ye said. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co Ltd, one of China's leading high-tech equipment manufacturers, is scheduled to open its base in the China-Belarus industrial park in May. The interrupted air routes may impact transportation of the company's production materials and machinery equipment to Minsk, capital of Belarus.

"The cargo train between Changsha and Minsk can ensure a smooth trade channel for the company," said Li Bin, director of the international business management department of Zoomlion. In addition, the logistics company also designed new freight train lines from Changsha to Turkey and to the Netherlands for local trade enterprises to guarantee their timely delivery of goods. "During the epidemic, our employees work from home and communicate with the railway and customs departments to organize the supply of goods and ensure the normal operation of the China-Europe freight trains," said Ye.

A total of 52 cargo trains have traveled from Changsha to Europe as of Feb 27 this year, shipping about 37,300 tons of goods.

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