Sheffield road safety group 'being ignored' over accident black-spot

The Oughtibridge Road Safety Action Group – ORSAG – say council plans to redesign an accident black-spot in the village where there have been 10 crashes in the last five years are unacceptable to residents. They say the plans, which would close off Bridge Hill at its junction with Orchard Street, Low Road and Station Lane, would not make the junction any safer – and the group has proposed alternatives they say people would prefer. However, after presenting a petition containing 676 signatures to the council on January 8, the group say they have heard ‘absolutely nothing’ since, and are now worried they are being given the ‘cold shoulder’.

Oughtibridge Road Safety Action Group Chairman Gary Chamberlain, Amanda Rawson, Committee member, Wendy Godber,Social Media Liason Officer, Jennifer Murphy, Landlady at The Cock Inn, pictured with concerned residents at the Bridge Hill junction. Copyright: JPIMedia

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Group chair, Gary Chamberlain, said: “The show of contempt to residents of Oughtibridge is astounding. “This is not just about road safety, it is also about the ignorance of the council in connecting with its residents and city councillors not hearing or engaging with their constituents.”

When plans for the junction were first mooted, the group were initially hopeful the council was open to taking on the views of the people of the village. However, the relationship broke down after two consultations on the proposals – one by the council and one by ORSAG themselves – both showed opposition to the plans. Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge.

Copyright: JPIMedia “We have given them so many alternatives like stop signs, speed bumps, no through road except for access, speed cameras and raised beds,” said Gary. “It appears that the council feel that none were worthy of consultation.”

Councillor Bob Johnson, cabinet member for transport and sustainability at Sheffield City Council, said: “There continues to be a lot of injury related to collisions involving people on bicycles and motorcycles using Orchard Lane and those being hit by people pulling out of Bridge Hill. “Several ideas have been investigated to stop these from happening, including those suggested by ORSAG. However, for various reasons the only practical way to stop these collisions is to close Bridge Hill.

“Effectively, the scheme will turn Bridge Hill into a cul de sac, with access for vehicles from Orchard Street. Commercial vehicles will still be able to enter Bridge Hill to make their deliveries. “A new turning area is being provided close to the Cock Inn to allow larger vehicles to turn around.

Parking restrictions will be changed to create a turnover of parking in the spaces on Bridge Hill during the daytime and to allow parking on both sides in the evening and at weekends.

“Local councillors have, and continue to engage with, residents and businesses and council officers have on several occasions provided information or clarification on their behalf.

“The issues raised in the petition presented to cabinet haven’t been ignored, they were investigated and included in the report about this scheme along with consideration of all the other comments people have made in response to the consultation.”

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