Toilet paper truck en route to restock Aussie supermarkets bursts into flames

Kleenex says staff are working overtime to combat the low stock.
Kleenex says staff are working overtime to combat the low stock. Photo credit: ABC News

A truck carrying toilet paper to out of stock businesses has burst into flames on a Brisbane motorway. Supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand are experiencing shortages of toilet paper at the moment as more coronavirus cases across the countries cause “panic buying” of essential items.

The incident occurred on Gateway Bridge near Murarrie at 10pm on Wednesday when a mechanical fault caused the truck- and toilet paper- to burst into flames. The driver managed to escape and was uninjured but the northbound lane was closed for hours while firefighters put out the blaze and salvaged as much of the toilet paper as they could. Justin Francis from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services told Breakfast News: “there was quite an interesting fuel load on this vehicle because we believe toilet paper is quite precious at the moment and we were able to save half the load on this particular truck”.

US economics professor Justin Walters tweeted people are stocking up, not because they may be personally concerned about the outbreak, but because they worry that other people will stock up before they can.

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While the shortage continues, Australian Woolworths stores have implemented a four-pack per person policy to ensure further stock is more evenly distributed. 

Kleenex told 7 News AU they are having staff work overtime to combat the shortage.

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