Trump nominates two transportation executives to USPS board of governors

By Bill McAllister, Washington Correspondent President Donald Trump has nominated two transportation executives for seats on the United States Postal Service’s board of governors. If the nominations of Donald Lee Moak, a Florida resident who was former president of the Air Line Pilots Association, and William D.

Zollars, a Kansas resident who is the former head of a major trucking firm, are confirmed by the Senate, there still will be two presidential vacancies left on the postal board. Moak, who runs a public affairs company based in Washington, D.C., was nominated March 2, and Zollars, who ran YRC Worldwide Inc. for 12 years, was nominated Jan.

6. A former military pilot who became a Boeing 767 pilot for Delta Airlines, Moak has served on several federal aviation advisory panels.

Zollars, who serves on several corporate boards, has worked for a number of transportation companies as well as for Eastman Kodak Co. in London, Toronto and Tokyo. When Trump became president there were no presidential nominees on the postal board that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, sets stamp prices and names the postmaster general.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had invoked a Senate procedure to effectively block all of President Barack Obama’s nominees to the nine presidential seats on the board. As a result, the board went for 20 months without any members.

The USPS created a temporary emergency committee to assume the board’s functions until the board had enough members for a quorum. When the board finally secured five new governors in 2019, the board was able to resume its functions. Connect with Linn’s Stamp News: 

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