Bodies of US 'coronavirus victims' taken from hospital 'on back of pick-up truck'

The bodies of US coronavirus victims arereportedly being taken from hospitals on the back of pick-up trucks. On Sunday, a number of bodies were allegedly transported in an open pick-up truck to the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office. A photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer captured images appearing to show covered corpses laying in the back of the truck.

In one, the photographer said a masked driver appeared to step on some of the bodies as they were being loaded onto the vehicle. It’s unclear if the bodies were people who died of coronavirus, as the refrigeration trailers also hold patients who died of other causes. Follow all coronavirus updates on our live blog here

Bodies loaded into the back of a vehicle in New York City

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James Garrow, a spokesman for Philadelphia’s public health department, on Tuesday said the delivery “is not normal or acceptable”, reports the New York Post.

Garrow said there are “long-standing transportation protocols” for the transfer of bodies from hospitals to the city medical examiner’s office that “were not followed.” “The Health Department is appalled that this happened, and strongly reminded the referring hospital of the existing protocols,” he said. Other harrowing images from across America show the transportation of victims in the back of vehicles.

The number of deaths in America has passed 45,000 with more than 820,000 confirmed cases.

Bodies of US 'coronavirus victims' taken from hospital 'on back of pick-up truck'Bodies are seen inside a makeshift morgue outside Wyckoff Hospital amid an outbreak of coronavirus disease Bodies of US 'coronavirus victims' taken from hospital 'on back of pick-up truck'Bodies being loaded into the back of vehicles

Astonishingly, anti-lockdown protests have been held in states across America.  Demonstrators have urged Americans to ignore the science and government advice to stay at home. One woman  said she ‘believes in God, not in science’ in her refusal to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The woman, protesting in Pennsylvania, waved American flags while wearing a jumper saying “re-open Pennsylvania”. Pennsylvania has 32,284 cases of coronavirus and 1,112 deaths from Covid-19 – while America has a total death toll of over 43,000.

Bodies of US 'coronavirus victims' taken from hospital 'on back of pick-up truck'The anti-lockdown protester says she ‘believes in god, not in science’

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The woman tells reporters: “My biggest fear right now is how quick American patriots crumbled and hid in their homes because the American government told them they should. “We can’t hide in our homes and not produce for our families and future generations because of a virus that may kill us.

“What do I say to the science, I say ‘I don’t believe your science, I believe in my God’. Another protester named Austin Ritz, branded scientists “fear mongers” for telling people to follow safety advice and that they couldn’t be called “experts” because ‘their numbers have been lies.’

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Coronavirus outbreak

In Washington state’s capital Olympia, almost 2,000 people, some armed, gathered amid fury over hundreds of thousands of job losses under Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s lockdown order. Gun-toting Matt Wallis, 27, told the Mirror: “We have to do what we have to do to ensure our freedoms and liberties are maintained.

“The constitution protects our rights that we are free to move around as we see fit, and no Governor can take that away from us. If this continues much longer, there will be violence, there will be blood. The people will rise up.

It’s coming.”

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