DSV Canada provides global transport of STEMCELL vaccines

DSV Canada partners with STEMCELL Technologies to deliver innovative medical research products currently being used in groundbreaking Covid-19 studies worldwide.

Frequent weekly shipments originating from Vancouver, BC are sent to scientists in countries worldwide, including India, Australia, Singapore, Korea, and throughout Europe. STEMCELL’s biological reagents and lab equipment are packed with dry ice, under optimal temperatures, making quick transit times essential to safe and secure delivery.

STEMCELL’s products will ultimately help accelerate the pace of discovery and hopefully lead to a rapid resolution to the global pandemic. With expertise in pharmaceutical transport and temperature controlled needs, DSV is uniquely positioned to transport medical supplies and goods globally.

“Ensuring these key medical tools and reagents are transported and delivered successfully worldwide under critical conditions and timelines is top priority for us.

We are committed to always finding the best solutions,” notes Anika Gebhardt, air freight manager, Vancouver at DSV Canada.

“At STEMCELL, we have a team of world-class scientists who have dedicated their careers to developing superior cell culture and cell isolation systems required to study devastating diseases,” said Dr.

Allen Eaves, STEMCELL’s founder, president, and CEO.

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