“Oxygen” needed to save road haulage sector

It has been a couple of complicated months, during which the logistic sector has worked tirelessly to guarantee the supplies of food and fresh produce to the entire country. "We just did our job, but conditions were not easy. Panic would have spread if supplies stopped and the population was already worried enough," explains Massmo Savini from RLA.  Massimo Savini

But everything has a cost, and the logistic one increased exponentially. "Just think about empty return trips. Many trucks left from southern Italy to unload produce in platforms in the north. They would usually return with loads collected from the local companies.

This was not possible during the emergency, so costs increased but many remained at the expense of the carrier and can no longer be endured by businesses." Savini reports that a small business he knows will not be reopening at all. "Some are working at a loss and will die if no oxygen comes in." "We are not heroes, we just did our job, albeit with a lot of sacrifice.

Drivers have had to endure difficult situation, especially in the beginning.

I am proud of being Italian and of being part of this category."

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Massimo Savini
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