Scania R580 V8 2016 – Used Truck of the Day

St Albans-based Ashvale Haulage, part of the M O’Brien Group, has put 10 new Scania XTs on the road. The new trucks, which feature Thompsons all-steel Loadmaster Lite tipping bodies and Harsh high-stability underfloor tipping gear, have been built to N3 on-road specification. Features include a reduced ground clearance over typical off-road (N3G) tippers, as well as the rear wheels having four individual mudguards for maximum spray suppression.

They also have glazed panels in the bottoms of the passenger doors, and are fully compliant with the latest Direct Vision Standard requirements. Commenting on the choice of bodies, Ashvale Haulage’s MD James O’ Donnell, says: “For our needs, Loadmaster Lite is simply an unbeatable tipper body. We never need to think that there’s any job above what a Loadmaster can safely handle, so in that sense it’s a supremely versatile, universal solution for each and every requirement that comes along.

We also spec our bodies with Thompsons air-operated automatic tailgates, which not only provide a real safety bonus by allowing the drivers to stay inside their cabs, but also speeds up the whole tipping process as well.”

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