Watch: Plane lands in front of truck on US highway

BREAUX PETROLEUM / AP A Louisiana pilot experiencing engine trouble made a safe emergency landing on a highway.

A pilot in the US has been forced to make an emergency landing on a highway right in front of a shocked truck driver.

WWL-TV reported that longtime pilot Howie Guidry was about an hour into his flight and 2000 feet in the air when his plane experienced engine trouble on a morning flight in Louisiana.

Guidry said he knew he couldn’t make it back to an airport and remembered the advice of his training instructor to land on the biggest highway he could find.

Keith Gros was driving the truck for Breaux Petroleum when he captured the video. He said he was shocked to see the plane in front of him.

The plane landed safely on the US highway.

Breaux Petroleum

The plane landed safely on the US highway.

* Watch: Plane lands on US highway
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“If you watch the video you can see right after he comes down, we go underneath some power lines, so I was just thinking I can’t believe that he was able to do this without getting caught up in those wires,” he told WWL-TV.

Guidry said luckily he saw the power lines: “I couldn’t get over it, so I went under it.”

He managed to push the plane to the side of the road and no-one was injured.

– Agencies with AP

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