New EU rules for truck drivers

New EU rules for truck drivers - thank heavens we will soon be out...

....but the rules will still apply to UK operators when driving abroad.

Basically, the new rule adds more complications and expense to road freight in that truck drivers are not allowed to take their weekly rest in the cab and must return home every four weeks.  Sounds great at first glance.  Looking after the interests of the poor driver, but unfortunately, whilst a lot of thought has gone into preparing the new laws (as per usual), not a lot of thought has gone into how it can actually work in reality.  Take the requirement for drivers not to sleep in their cabs.  If you have ever visited a motorway service area at night, you will know they are jam-packed with trucks.  Some sites do have a hotel, but these are usually fully booked with travelling salesmen and families.  Due to the vagaries of loading, unloading, ferries, etc., it is probably not possible to book in advance as you will not know where you will need to stop, and even if you have booked, there may be nowhere to park your truck at the site. Until such time as proper decent and secure facilities are available throughout Europe, then this law should be rescinded as totally impractical.  The conspiracy theorists among you are probably guessing that it is a ploy to reduce the number of Eastern European truck drivers in Germany and France as well as a nice little earner when truckers are fined.

This law comes in on the 20th of August - how are the drivers supposed to get home with heavily reduced flights and trains?  Also, the increased of risk of getting COVID-19 on public transport. What about owner-drivers - do they want someone else driving their truck? Here are the potential fines for sleeping in the cab during a 45 hr weekly rest period:

France - EUR30,000 + 1 year in prison for both driver and employer Belgium - EUR1,800 Netherlands - EUR1,300 (no fines applied yet)

Germany - up to EUR2,700 driver, EUR8,100 employer You can read more at Thank heavens we are leaving this absurd bureaucracy.

Stephen Lee - UKIP Transport Spokesman

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