Police: Rental truck rear-ends school bus, 1 dead, 8 injured

ALMA, Ga. (AP) -- A box truck crashed into the back of a school bus Wednesday that was stopped to unload students in rural Georgia, leaving the truck's driver dead and at least eight students injured, authorities told local news outlets.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the bus was stopped on U.S.

1 in Alma about 4 p.m. in the outside lane when the rental truck smashed into the back of the bus.

At least two helicopters were called to airlift students to area hospitals, Bacon County Emergency Management Agency Director Danny Turner told WSAV-TV.

Turner told local news outlets that at least eight students were injured and taken to hospitals. The condition of those students wasn't immediately known.

Trooper Shane Copeland of the Georgia State Patrol said both drivers were initially able to help get students out of the bus, but the truck driver later collapsed and died. The driver's name was not immediately released, nor that of the school bus.

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