Samuel Smith’s brewery has no truck with track and trace

One of the country's oldest breweries has put itself at odds with less traditional counterparts by refusing to co-operate with the government's track and trace system in its pubs.

Samuel Smith's staff said the Yorkshire company, which runs some 200 pubs across the country, had given them no instructions to operate the system; a few were doing so on a voluntary basis.

Humphrey Smith, 75, the brewery owner, bans phones, music and swearing from his pubs.

The brewery was described by staff at one of its pubs in Bristol as "too traditional" for track and trace


The Times visited 15 Samuel Smith's pubs and found only one, the Yorkshire Grey in Fitzrovia, London, requiring customers to give their phone number and name before they could be served.

Three others in London had pads of paper on the bar for those customers who wished to

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