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Transport Canada's garage: 2002 Audi A2

Audi A2

Click HERE to see the video The A2 was Audi's entry-level car. At the moment, it is no longer offered however it appears as though there are plans to reintroduce the car on the European market.

The A2 is a compact minivan-styled 4-door wagon. Under the removable bonnet, we find a turbocharged inline three-cylinder diesel engine. Displacing 1.2L, it puts out 61 hp and 103 lb/ft of torque.

The transmission is a 5-speed automatic with a manual mode. The suspension is independent up front and semi-independent at the rear. The braking system consists of front discs and rear drums.

There are many things that are unique about the A2.

One of which is the fact that its chassis is made entirely of weight-saving aluminium. What also impressive about the A2 is that its coefficient of drag is of only 0.25. This means that it literally slices through the air.

Its interior, although free of many features we have come to expect from Audi, is very well assembled. The rear floor of the vehicle has been lowered to ensure rear passenger comfort. The A2 is not designed to be pushed or driven hard on the road.

It sports very narrow tires and weighs only 855 kg. The A2, following a long road trip by members of Transport Canada's staff, averaged an unbelievable 2.66 L of diesel fuel per 100 km. (This vehicle is part of Transport Canada's Advanced Technology Vehicle Program)

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