Deceptively-simple road rule quiz asks drivers who has right of way

Deceptively-simple road rule quiz asks drivers who has right of way - but the correct answer sparks furious debate

  • Orange car and blue car are both turning off of a main road from opposite sides 
  • Blue car is crossing the intersection to go right while the orange is turning left 
  • Comments on the post agreed that the yellow car has right of way to go first
  • Some debated that anyone who answered wrong should redo their driving test

By Jackson Barron For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 04:19, 13 October 2020 | Updated: 08:02, 13 October 2020

A road rules quiz asking which car has right of way at an intersection has sparked social media users to question whether drivers should resit their driving test. 

The question was posted on Facebook by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads on Monday with a diagram that showed an orange car and a blue car both turning from a main road onto a side street from opposite sides of the road. 

'You know your road rules, and now's your chance to prove it,' the caption reads.

'Who goes first?

The blue car turning right or the orange car turning left?'

Drivers have been quizzed on whether the blue or orange car has right of way to turn at this intersection

Facebook users agreed the orange car had right of way as it was turning left, while the blue car had to cross from the other side of the intersection.

'Orange goes first, the blue car has to give way to all traffic on the opposite side of the road when turning,' one comment reads.

'Always going right, you are the last to cross the road,' another wrote.

The Department highlighted the orange car as the correct answer, as vehicles turning right at an uncontrolled crossroad must give way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction going straight through the intersection or turning left.

Some comments noted the rule used to be the other way around in Victoria due to having trams on the roads.

'I still think it was better and have to resist going first,' one user wrote.

Others debated that anyone who picked the wrong answer must redo their driving test.

'If anyone doesn't know that orange goes first, they're a strong case for rules retesting!' one post reads.

'If you can't answer this one, you shouldn't be on the road!' another said.   

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