AAA Mid-Atlantic Fueling Truck Fleet with CNG from New Station

AAA Mid-Atlantic in partnership with Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), Air & Gas Technologies and the Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation (EPACT), have completed a time-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located at their Philadelphia Fleet Depot.  The station handles AAA Mid-Atlantic’s 23 CNG-battery trucks via 12 time-fill hoses and is the first station of its kind in AAA Club Alliance’s territory. “We have been committed to employing alternative fuels to both control costs and protect the environment,” says Mike Matijkiw, fleet business manager for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “The new CNG station helps us take advantage of several programs that reduce our operational costs and support our continued investment in alternative fuels.”

AAA was able to construct the CNG station thanks in part to the funding support of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant program and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Alternative Clean Energy program. Funding from these programs drove down the capital costs for the station by 50%. Utility incentives from PGW further supported the project, making it cash flow positive from day one.

Designed and developed by Air and Gas Technologies, the station has a daily capacity of 450 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) to support AAA’s CNG fleet.

The CNG station compresses natural gas on-site, allowing AAA to fill up on CNG while the vehicles are parked overnight.