Bird drops fish onto windshield of truck in North Carolina. Watch

The incident took place in North Carolina, USA. By Trisha Sengupta PUBLISHED ON APR 17, 2021 07:01 PM IST

An unusual incident captured on a truck’s dashboard camera has now gone viral. It shows a bird dropping a fish from the sky right onto the windshield of a truck. The incident took place on Interstate 73 in North Carolina, USA.

The video was shared on Twitter by Ward Transport, a transportation and logistics provider. “One of our #charlotte drivers verifies that when driving a truck, you must be prepared for ANYTHING!,” they wrote while sharing the video. The video opens to show the vehicle crossing a lake. Within moments a bird flies from over the lake into the vehicle’s direct path.

Suddenly, it drops its prey, a fish, onto the windshield. Take a look at the video. Since being posted, the video has gathered more than 5,300 views – and counting.

It has also received different kinds of reactions. Some applauded the driver for calmly handling the situation. Many also re-shared the video on various social media platforms.

What are your thoughts on the video?


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