EUROPE: PGNiG receives fifth LNG cargo at Klaipėda

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has received its fifth LNG cargo at the Klaipeda LNG reloading station, which is operated by Klaipedos Nafta (KN). In a statement issued yesterday (6 April), KN said that PGNiG unloaded 3,000 cubic metres (cbm) of LNG originating in Norway at the beginning of this month. The LNG cargo, which was supplied by Gasum and arrived on the Finnish tanker Kairos, was the fifth gas supply to the Klaipeda LNG reloading station since 1 April 2020, when PGNiG started the exclusive use of the reloading station belonging to KN.

Darius Silenskis, CEO of KN, commented: ‘Assessing this first year of cooperation with PGNiG, we can confidently state that our efforts to create value for the growing regional LNG market have brought tangible results. We hope that this cooperation, defined by the five-year agreement, will continue to promote the opening of even greater potential in the region, especially as we see efforts in Lithuania to open up the use of LNG as an alternative fuel to commercial road transport. In that sense, Poland is an inspiring example.’

Pawel Majewski, President of the PGNiG Management Board, added: ‘For PGNiG, the use of the Klaipeda station is an opportunity to expand into new markets in the small-scale LNG segment.’

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