Impatient Nissan Pulsar overtakes a truck from an inside lane and skids out of control into oncoming traffic before slamming into a fence

Impatient Nissan Pulsar overtakes a truck from an inside lane and skids out of control into oncoming traffic before slamming into a fence

  • Dash cam footage shows Nissan Pulsar overtaking a truck from the inside lane
  • Impulsive driver loses control and crosses into the opposite side of the road
  • Another truck is forced to deftly swerve to avoid having a head-on collision 
  • Pulsar drives off the road, through a median strip and straight through a fence

By Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 15:38, 1 April 2021 | Updated: 15:38, 1 April 2021

An impatient driver has been captured overtaking a truck and swerving onto the wrong side of the road before skidding straight through a fence. 

The dangerous stunt was captured by a truck’s dash cam on Johnsons Road in Forest Lake, about 27 kilometres from Brisbane

In the footage, a black Nissan Pulsar can be seen speeding up to perform a risky overtake an inside lane before crossing onto the opposite side of the road. 

A black Nissan Pulsar is captured speeding up to overtake a truck from the inside, then is seen losing control and crossing into the opposite lane 

The Pulsar slams on its brakes and skids straight towards an oncoming truck, forcing its driver to swerve into the opposite lane to avoid a head-on collision. 

The vehicle clips the left-hand side of the truck before crashing through a fence. 

The driver finally comes to a stop in a backyard, surrounded by smashed fragments of the broken fence. 

As the truck with the dashcam passes the smoking vehicle he calls the driver who illegally passed him a ‘f***king idiot’.  

The Nissan Pulsar narrowly avoids a head-on collision with an oncoming truck (pictured), but instead clips the left-hand side of the vehicle and drives straight through a fence

The footage, which was uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia on Thursday garnered angry reactions from hundreds of viewers. 

Many speculated the collision could have claimed several lives. 

‘The Nissan Pullstart… Must have had a death wish and lucky for the skills of others around it didn’t come true,’ one viewer said. 

Other viewers commended the truck driver for his deft handling of the impatient hoon.

The impatient driver finally comes to a stop in a resident’s backyard, surrounded by pieces of the broken fence

‘Great drive job by old mate in the flat bed, who would have been unsighted until the last second,’ one user commented.  

‘Great work on the oncoming truck to avoid it,’ another viewer agreed.   

One frustrated local blamed the layout of Johnsons Road for causing the accident. 

‘Those sets of lights are annoying. It’s an 80km road.

One lane until you get to those sets of lights. It splits into two lanes in about the same amount of space as when it merges back to one. 

‘So many idiots jump in the left lane hoping to speed past everyone in the right. Merging?

No one knows that word when they’re in the left lane.’

Fellow truck drivers shared their own experiences of pushy drivers in the comments. 

‘I drive a truck and it’s amazing what people will do to get in front of you! People say truck drivers this and truck drivers that, ride with one and witness the idiocy yourself’, one man commented. 

One frustrated viewer blamed the layout of Johnsons Road in Forest Lake, QLD (pictured), for causing the collision

‘This is the stuff we deal with everyday. If only the outcome was this every time, then maybe people will learn they’re allowed to merge BEHIND a truck instead of risking several lives’, another said. 

However the majority of viewers criticised the recklessness of the Nissan Pulsar. 

‘If lack of talent was an Olympic sport, that fellow would be a gold medalist’, one commented. 

‘That would have to be the biggest round of donkey driving I’ve seen all year!

What a muppet,’ another user agreed. 

‘Well, he did get in front of the truck, even if it was for just 10 seconds,’ a third joked.

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