Live breaking news: Massive gatherings in the UK ahead of Easter weekend

The state recorded seven cases in hotel quarantine and one historical case, which the premier said was “very interesting”.

“We believe this historical case is the missing link from the first cluster. So that’s fantastic news,” she said.

More than 35,000 Queenslanders were tested yesterday, giving health authorities greater confidence for the first day of eased restrictions.

Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young later said she believed the previously worrying outbreak was now “under control”.

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10:00 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is speaking to the media. The state recorded seven cases in hotel quarantine and one historical case, which the premier said was “very interesting”.

“We believe this historical case is the missing link from the first cluster. So that’s fantastic news,” she said. More than 35,000 Queenslanders were tested yesterday, giving health authorities greater confidence for the first day of eased restrictions.

10:40 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

The nurse detected as today’s historical case was not vaccinated when she was treating the patient from the UK, triggering a change in policy.

When questioned if the nurse had at least received one shot of the coronavirus jab, chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young said it was “still too early”. “That’s going back to the 9th of March,” she said. “We hadn’t rolled out the program enough for everyone to be vaccinated.

“I can confirm this morning that we have put in that new policy and only healthcare workers who have been vaccinated and had at least one dose of the vaccine can now manage cases. “That’s of course for their safety, and I’m also going to be encouraging anyone who lives in the household of a healthcare worker, that is now dealing with COVID cases, we have included you in 1B. “So you can come forward and get vaccinated to try and protect the other members in the household.

“We know even if you have been vaccinated, you still can get the infection and pass it on. We’ve seen that. So it’s important and we want to also protect the people who live in the same household.”

10:23 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young said she was “relieved” the state had found its missing link, a nurse who cared for a returned UK traveller with coronavirus.

Dr Young said the nurse’s infectious period was from March 10 to March 23 but she had never felt unwell. “She’s never been sick … I’m deeming her infectious period from March 10, which was the day after she treated the patient, through to the 23rd,” Dr Young said.

“So, all of those venues she’s been at, and she shared them all with us, and she’s got a fantastic memory. She shared them, we’ve got them out there.” Dr Young implored people to check Queensland Health’s venue list because they might’ve been sick last month and not realised.

“But I think, given the amount of testing that’s been done, we’ve probably picked up the cases because there’s just been astronomical amount of testing.”

? Public Health Alert ? Queensland Health is issuing a contact tracing alert for parts of Brisbane, in relation to new locally acquired #COVID19 cases.

For a full list of locations and times, visit

— Queensland Health (@qldhealthnews) April 1, 2021 10:09 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young has explained how the state found its missing link. Dr Young explained a nurse – today’s historical case – contracted the infection from a man who was “clearly a superspreader”. “It’s not his fault …

He was the gentleman who came from Europe and was admitted and transmitted the infection to a doctor, now, he’s also transmitted it to a nurse. That’s that process that has happened,” Dr Young said. “Then the nurse, again, through absolutely no fault of her own, has then gone home and transmitted to her partner, who is one of that group that we know who live in that north Brisbane area and a close social network.

So then it spread within that network. “Then we had the gentleman come forward, just out of the blue, and get tested. So, due to all of those people doing what they did, so effectively, we found that cluster and we’ve got it under control.

“So, the nurse didn’t develop any symptoms at all and we managed to pick her up through being a contact of course.” Dr Young said the nurse had treated the patient from the UK, the same patient that gave coronavirus to the doctor.

8:57 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Thousands of young people have crowded together across the UK to celebrate the Easter long weekend with health authorities fearing yet another wave of coronavirus could be on the way. Massive crowds were photographed in various cities across the UK including Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester.

The UK experienced one of its hottest March days on record with thousands flocking to parks to drink before the Easter long weekend.

On the day the Met Police was found by some watchdog not to be heavy handed against females holding a vigil on the basis that ‘the risk of coronavirus was high’ here is Hyde Park, Leeds today

— Selina j ???? (@OfSelina) March 30, 2021

#HydePark in #Leeds this morning after people came to the park yesterday during the hot weather.

— Pulse 1 News (@pulse1news) March 31, 2021

Police in Leicestershire, two hours north of London, begged for help with the crowds. “As predicted we are busy between parks and busy with normal demand,” they said.
“We are having to take another child home who is drunk from a park. “We have dedicated officers who are going from park to park to try and keep everything under control.

We cannot sort this alone, we need your help.” Professor and virology expert Lawrence Young urged Brits to “hang in there for a bit longer”. “The virus is still out there and very infectious,” Prof Young told The Sun.

“While the risk of transmission is low in outdoor spaces, crowding together could result in some spread of the virus and it’s too easy to take liberties which we consider to be low risk but aren’t e.g. close contact by hugging or popping inside to go to somebody else’s toilet. “We need to hang on in there with the current restrictions for a bit longer – none of us want another lockdown.”

8:42 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

In two months of devastation that have rocked Myanmar, at least 43 children have been killed by armed forces, according to rights organisation Save the Children. The group said the South East Asian country was in a “nightmare situation”, with the youngest known victim just six years old.

Myanmar has been engulfed in violence February’s military coup, when the democratically-elected government was kicked out — leading to sustained protests. With the violence spiking in recent weeks — and more than 100 people killed last Saturday alone — Save the Children says the death toll of children has more than doubled in the past 12 days.

OP-ED: @save_children CEO @ingerashing on @AJEnglish “It is chillingly clear: #Myanmar is no longer a safe place for children.”

— Save the Children Global Media (@Save_GlobalNews) April 1, 2021

It said the army is demonstrating the “utter disrespect of armed forces for the lives of children”. “This is a nightmare scenario unfolding,” the group said. “Innocent children have had their futures brutally and needlessly snatched away from them.

Grieving families – among them young children who have seen siblings die – are suffering unimaginable loss and pain.” Read More

7:56 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

A NSW man has spent the night behind bars after he allegedly unleashed on a security guard, and later members of the public and police, after he was asked to wear a mask. The 47-year-old man had just walked into a shopping centre in Lismore at 12.40pm yesterday when he was approached by a security guard and asked to put on a mask.

Northern NSW, including Lismore and Byron Bay, is under coronavirus restrictions after a small outbreak. Masks are required indoors. The security guard offered the man a mask, before he was allegedly punched in the face and head multiple times.

Members of the public intervened, however the man is accused of attacking them as well, punching several people in the face and chest. Police officers rushed to the scene to arrest the man, who then allegedly kicked a male senior constable in the face, chest and hands. Officers deployed OC spray but the man allegedly continued to resist arrest and repeatedly kicked at police.

Following a brief struggle, the man was arrested and taken to Lismore Police Station, where he then allegedly bit a male senior constable numerous times on the hand and wrist while in custody. Police again deployed OC spray to detain the man and the officer was taken to Lismore Base Hospital for treatment. The man was charged with two counts of common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of resist officer in execution of duty, assault officer in execution of duty, affray, assault police officer in execution of duty cause actual bodily harm, destroy or damage property and a detention application.

He was also issued a £1000 PIN for fail to comply notice/direction in relation to section 7/8/9 COVID-19. He will appear in court today.

7:32 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has spoken out against Facebook for removing her post featuring an interview with the former US president. Mrs Trump, a former TV producer and personal trainer who is married to Mr Trump’s son Eric, hosts a show called The Right View.

On Tuesday, the show featured an interview with her father-in-law, which her team proceeded to post online.

Live breaking news: Massive gatherings in the UK ahead of Easter weekend

Mr Trump is currently banned from publishing on both Facebook and Instagram, pending a review from the parent company’s independent oversight board. Citing that policy, Facebook took down Mrs Trump’s post. “We are reaching out to let you know that we removed content from Lara Trump’s Facebook page that featured President Trump speaking,” the company said in an email to her team, which she subsequently shared on Instagram.

“In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.” “And just like that, we are one step closer to Orwell’s 1984. Wow,” Mrs Trump remarked.

She replaced the deleted post with one linking to the interview on a different platform, Rumble. Read More

7:28 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Olympian Nathan Baggaley and his brother Dru have been found guilty of plotting to smuggle up to £200 million of cocaine into Australia. Nathan Baggaley, a world champion kayaker and Olympic silver medallist, was accused of helping his younger brother import 650kg of cocaine into the country in 2018.

Live breaking news: Massive gatherings in the UK ahead of Easter weekend

Both men had pleaded not guilty but were found guilty on Thursday by a Brisbane Supreme Court jury.

Dru Baggaley had got the cocaine from a foreign boat off the NSW coast along with Anthony Draper, who he testified earlier was the mastermind behind the plot. The duo were travelling on a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) purchased by Nathan Baggaley and ended up throwing the bundles of cocaine into the water.

Live breaking news: Massive gatherings in the UK ahead of Easter weekend

They were arrested before being able to make the shore after being ordered to stop by a chasing navy patrol boat. Draper was sentenced in February last year to 13 years in jail while the Baggaley brothers will be sentenced on a later date that is yet to be confirmed.

Read More

7:20 amApril 2, 2021Highlight

Police in California say the gunman who allegedly killed four people at an office complex yesterday, including a nine-year-old boy, locked the gates before the attack to prevent officers from gaining access. At a media conference today, authorities identified the suspect as 44-year-old Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez. Orange Police Lieutenant Jennifer Amat said he had a “business and personal relationship” with the victims.

“It appears all of the adults were connected, either by business or by a personal relationship, and this was not a random act of violence,” said Lt Amat. “The child is believed to be the son of one of the victims who worked at the business.”

A 9-year-old boy was among 4 people killed at a mass shooting yesterday in Orange, California, officials said Thursday. A woman who was shot, as well as a suspect, are hospitalized and “in critical but stable condition.”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 1, 2021

The shooting happened in and around a counselling business named Unified Homes.

When police arrived on the scene at about 5:30pm, they found the way inside had been blocked.
“Officers immediately approached the building, however were unable to enter the courtyard due to the fact the gates had been locked from the inside,” Lt Amat said. “It appears the suspect used a bicycle-type cable lock to secure the gates from the inside on both the north and the south sides of the courtyard. “Two officers engaged the suspect from outside of the gates.”

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