Russian companies earned around RUB 348 million from shipping and transferring Belarusian oil products

Oil refineries plan to ship around 280,000 tonnes of oil products in April Russian companies earned around 348 million roubles from exporting transport services – specifically, shipping and transferring Belarusian oil products. This includes 142 million roubles earned by railway companies and 206 million roubles by sea terminals, RF Transport Ministry Vitaly Savelyev said at RF Government’s meeting on Belarusian oil products’ supplies through Russian seaports.

“By the end of the month, almost 111,000 tonnes of petroleum had been delivered for transfer through the terminal in the Ust-Luga sea port, the agreed amount being 86,000 tonnes. The St Petersburg Oil Terminal received 96,600 tonnes of fuel oil instead of the initially planned 90,000 tonnes for transfer. Additionally, 14,600 tonnes of gasoil were successfully delivered to the terminal in Ust-Luga although no such deliveries were planned for March”, said the Minister.

According to him, the forecast for the current month is positive. According to the April schedule, oil refineries plan to ship around 280,000 tonnes of oil products, including 106,000 tonnes of gasoil, 92,500 tonnes of fuel oil and 71,000 tonnes of petroleum – while the initial plan was up to 180,000 tonnes of products in total. In May and June, the plan is to ship around 360,000 tonnes of oil products, including 281,000 tonnes of gasoil and 79,000 tonnes of fuel oil.

It should be noted that the minimum amount guaranteed by Belarus for 2021 is around 1.8 million tonnes. Vitaly Savelyev says the Russian Ministry of Transport is currently discussing with its Belarusian colleagues the possibility of redirecting a wider range of export cargo through Russian ports. “We have received a proposal and the conditions from our colleagues which we are thoroughly reviewing right now”, he emphasized. Related links:

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