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Transport Canada surveillance plane flies over Kingston

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Another government agency’s aircraft was flying circuits over Kingston on Saturday. This time it was one of Transport Canada’s bright red Dash-7 and it was much more obvious with “SURVEILLANCE” written along its side. The last time a plane flew over the Kingston area for more than a few hours it was part of an RCMP terrorist investigation in January 2019.

For weeks the aircraft buzzed the airspace over the Limestone City prompting numerous theories. During that time the RCMP would not officially confirm it was their aircraft, despite photos. Finally, with the conclusion of their investigation and terrorism charges laid against a youth, the national police agency confirmed it was theirs.

According to Transport Canada’s National Aerial Surveillance Program website, they have three Dash-8 aircraft and one Dash-7.

The Dash-7 is based in Ottawa “serving the North during the July to November Arctic shipping season.”

The four planes’ patrols accumulate roughly 4,000 flight hours a year.

The website states that the program’s goals include preventing pollution, protecting endangered whales, and serving Canadians by support national security events, in police investigations, during search and rescue missions, humanitarian efforts, and civil emergencies.