Watch: Dangerous Overtaking Maneuver Sends Truck Crashing Into Ditch

Hair-raising footage shows a pickup truck crashing into a ditch. Dashcam footage from a log truck shows the moment a pickup went crashing into a ditch while trying to overtake other vehicles. The reckless overtaking maneuver from the speeding vehicle sent it flying into a ditch on the shoulder of a highway in the US state of Florida.

In the video, the pickup truck trying to overtake other vehicles appears to lose control as it slides into the ditch. Dust rises up in the air as the vehicle skids across the ditch wildly.  The video was captured in Florahome, Florida, on April 13. 

Describing the scene, the person whose dashboard camera captured the incident said, “This is a video taken with a dashcam in a log truck going 62 mph when someone trying to pass everyone including me on the shoulder of the highway with oncoming traffic including two loaded school buses.

“This happened on state road 100 about 4 miles east of Florahome.”

On YouTube, several people criticised the pickup truck driver for speeding and driving recklessly.