‘Horror film’ crash scene on UK road turns out to be tomato puree spillage, netizens react with jokes

A long stretch of British Highway looked like a gory crime scene after two lorries crashed on Tuesday. However, when the cops turned up at the scene, they found that it was spillage of tomato puree!

Yes, the 23-mile westbound stretch of the road from Cambridge to Brampton had to be closed following the spillage, Evening Standard reported. One of the trucks was carrying a load of olive oil, which spilled on the highway — leaving netizens coming up with many jokes involving Italian cuisine.

“What looked like the set of a horror film was actually thousands of squashed tomatoes,” the Cambridgeshire Police wrote in a tweet sharing an image from the scene. “The incident on the A14 at Godmanchester yesterday evening involved two jack-knifed lorries, including one carrying tons of olive oil and tomatoes,” they added: “Thankfully, no one was seriously injured”.

“The olive oil meant the road had to be resurfaced,” the law enforcement agency explained why the highway was closed for long adding it was finally reopened at just before 1pm on Wednesday.

The driver of one of the two trucks was taken to hospital but has since been discharged, BBC News reported.

As people were glad that no was seriously injured, it led to many jokes on social media. With punny references, many said it would be perfect to make a pizza or pasta. A few also came up with ketchup jokes. “In Heinzsight should not have gone out today,” wrote one user on Facebook[1] referencing to famous ketchup brand. “If they had also collided with a bread van, you’d have the world’s largest pizza,” another quipped. “Just missing some Morsarella and basil” joked a user.

However, not the first food spillage to hit headlines. Pasta, sauce and tomatoes spilled at Doddington, in the same Cambridgeshire region in 2018 after lorry rolled onto a car. In the same year, first responders had to use shovels to scrape off a tonne of chocolate[21] from a road in Poland.


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