Kaptyn expands Las Vegas Tesla-based transportation service

Kaptyn expands Las Vegas Tesla-based transportation service

As Las Vegas continues to recover from the pandemic, tourists and visitors alike are again relying on transportation services to get around the valley. With a shortage of drivers plaguing ride-hailing mainstays Uber and Lyft, a reservation-based premium transportation option that launched at the beginning of the year is ready to expand. Kaptyn Inc., a group that made waves in 2019 when it was approved to acquire a large group of Las Vegas taxicab companies, has since pivoted to focus outside the cab realm.

CEO Andrew Meyers said the pandemic made company officials rethink their business plan, adding that it made them focus on their initial goal for the company. “The focal point was always growing the premium vehicle segment,” Meyers said. “Focus was always to grow that premium sustainable fleet segment. But really COVID was the piece that had us completely remove taxi.”

Meyers hopes Kaptyn’s service will bridge the gap between traditional ride share and black car limousine with an emphasis on customer service. Fleet of vehicles Kaptyn’s operations center around its fleet of 100 vehicles, which are mainly composed of Tesla Model S and X vehicles and are available at Kaptyn.com.

The company also offers ride options featuring large SUVs, limousines and sprinter vans. The company differs from ride-hailing companies by employing around 150 full-time drivers who receive benefits. “Our drivers go through rigorous onboarding and training to ensure the highest level of standard of compliance, safety and customer experience,” Meyers said.

Kaptyn has vehicles stationed throughout the valley and at McCarran International Airport, at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 baggage claim areas, and around the Resort Corridor. “Consumers can hop off a plane … and they can walk right out of Terminal 1, doors nine and 10 and hop right into a Kaptyn Tesla,” Meyers said. “The local service offering is a huge emphasis of our service.” Meyers said he sees Kaptyn’s service and Uber and Lyft being able to complement one another.

The service has set prices and does not practice surge pricing, which is currently banned because Nevada is under a state of emergency amid the pandemic. Kaptyn said it works in conjunction with the Nevada Transportation Authority to ensure its prices are set at fair market value. “Our premium sedan is as low as £42 for a booking,” Meyers said. “We feel that is a very competitive offering in the premium ride share segment.”

A comparison on Thursday morning showed a Lyft Lux ride from Green Valley Ranch resort in Henderson to Circa in downtown Las Vegas was pegged at £70.42, a ride through Uber’s Premier option tagged at £59.97, while a trip from Kaptyn was listed at £43.26. Expansion plans Although the company just expanded, it is already looking toward more growth.

Kaptyn has been hiring, with many drivers being former Uber and Lyft drivers or individuals with a hospitality background. “Over the last four weeks we’ve had a real surge of legacy Uber and Lyft and ride-share drivers that feel as though it’s time to start looking toward a company like Kaptyn for full-time job security,” Meyers said. Meyers is working to add more premium electric vehicles by the end of the year.

In doing so, Meyers said, the company will look to double its vehicle fleet and triple its driver base by the end of the year. Kaptyn also plans to launch the company’s smartphone application in September, once it increases its fleet and driver stable. After that, the company plans to look to bring its services to other areas of the country.

“We have interest in expanding into Southern California and Southern Florida,” Meyers said. “We think that those are two premiere markets outside of what we prove in Las Vegas that we can scale this platform and this model.”

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