Sections of car park still cordoned off a month after HGV crash and fuel spillage

SECTIONS of a large car park in Dorchester town centre remain closed one month after a lorry crashed through its fence and spilled approximately 100 litres of fuel.

As previously reported, the crash occurred on Thursday, April 29 where a HGV parked on Acland Road near Waitrose ‘rolled down the hill’ and into the Acland Road car park.

The resulting crash caused damaged to a corner of the car park’s fence and diesel trickled from the vehicle’s damaged fuel tank.

Firefighters from Dorchester Fire Station were called to the scene to clean any fuel and debris from the car park and the HGV was recovered.

Cones surround parking bays at Acland Road car park, Dorchester. Picture: Dorset Echo

No one was injured in the crash nor was there any damage to any vehicles, which an eyewitness described as ‘lucky’.

A damaged fence was replaced but a number of parking bays are cordoned off due to the surface damage caused to the car park’s surface. These areas will be resurfaced and repaired by Dorset Council.

A spokeswoman for Dorset Council said at the time of the collision: “On Friday morning our highways team fenced off the area with temporary barriers, waste services swept the area and then more sand was put down to soak up any remaining oil.

“The fence has now started to be repaired by our highways team and arrangements are being made to repair the damage to the car park surface.”