The United Kingdom and France send patrols to the island of Jersey, which was prevented by fishermen

Reino Unido e França enviam patrulhas à ilha de Jersey, bloqueada por pescadores

The British ship HMS Tamar on the island of Jersey – AFP

France and the United Kingdom mobilized patrols Thursday (6) on the island of Jersey, the English Channel, whose port was closed by French fishermen in protest against fishing conditions imposed after Brexit.

Between 50 and 60 boats had been sailing since 7:00 AM (2:00 AM Brasilia time) near Port St Helier, while others were on their way.

In response, the British government sent two warships to the area, the patrol boat HMS Severn and Tamar, “to oversee the situation.”

London stated it was a “strict precaution”.

And France sent to the region, in French waters, two small ships, the patrol boat Athos and the ship Themis, to ensure “the safety of navigation and the preservation of human life at sea,” according to the authorities.

“British maneuvers should not impress us,” French Minister of State for European Affairs Clément Payon told AFP.

There has been a dispute between Paris and London for several weeks over the hunt.

French fishermen say they are unable to fish in British waters due to difficulties obtaining permits.

In addition, the United Kingdom set new requirements last Friday for French fishing boats to access the territorial waters of the island of Jersey, the largest in the English Channel.

These measures establish new zoning rules for the waters near Jersey: “Where the boats can go or not,” the French ministry said, as well as the number of days fishermen can spend at sea and with what equipment.

For France, the new rules have no effect because the UK has not notified them to the European Commission and they are not part of the fisheries agreement negotiated under Brexit.

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